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Getting More Interest From Social Media

The struggle to get noticed on social media is very real. There are a lot of individuals and marketers trying to navigate the ocean of SEO and social networks right now. Many of them can’t really get past the initial push of interest. You may jump online and get hundreds of followers, but as you rise, you also fall fast. Many people aren’t sure how to formulate the right path of action here. If you are interested in getting more attention from social media right now, you’re going to need to look at 3 major points of interest. There are 3 elements that all major viral content marketing posts share.

A Guide To Something

In regards to sharing, you are going to see that people share guides more than anything else. If you have a post that is massive, whether it’s a list, or it’s a true to life guide to something you’re an expert in, you’ll see more shares. You have to collect something and then deliver it to your audience. If you can do this, you will start to see a trickle of shares, and eventually they’ll start to snowball into a massive connection. Guides work well in social networks because they give expertise to subject matter that others may not give.

Get A Guest To Share Your Stuff

You may have to pay for this. However, done right, you can get a lot of attention sent to your posts and updates. This is like guest blogging in a way. You are going to need to have someone that influences social media a bit to share your stuff. When you can do that, you will not be the one person trumpeting your posts. You need friends to help you here, so don’t be shy about asking.

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