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Pulling Out Better Content Today – Article Marketing and SEO


When it comes to content marketing strategies, there’s a lot to look at. However, when you want to really make an impact for your niche, you’re going to want to take into account some specific targeted SEO tricks. There are some things that aren’t tried and true, and then there are the concrete foundations of SEO. The following ideas in regards to keyword placement and research are based on real world activity. These are things that the SEO gurus don’t really want to tell you, because it’s how they make a living. However, you have to remember that content and keywords only make up a fraction of the larger internet marketing picture.

The Least Competitive Options

Ranking for terms that are not very competitive is your first major element. You want to build a foundation on low hanging fruit. Look for keywords that aren’t getting a tremendous amount of competition. As you start to target these areas, you will start to gain momentum towards more competitive arenas. You will find that amateurs and hobbyists are going to be misguided here. They are going to try and rank high for highly competitive words rather than focusing on these low hanging words. You can easily usurp the traffic and build towards a greater mainstay in your niche, if you look at these first.

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