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SEO Elements You Should Not Forget About

When it comes to SEO, you are going to get wrapped up with a lot of minutia. People usually go for larger strokes as a result. For instance, you may find that some gurus will tell you to work within “compelling” content and forget the rest. While that’s good, it’s not the only thing that you are going to need in order to get ranked high. If you want higher rankings, you will need to look at a few pieces of code and optimization elements that will pay off big time. Some things are not a matter of content, some are a matter of code. Consider the following things to not forget when building your internet marketing campaign, properly.

The Notion of Microdata

When you’re building your page, even if you have a WordPress blog, make sure that you work with what is known as Microdata. This is something that is meant for search engines, and that’s it. It’s not something that you the end user will see at all. This lives in the code. What does this look like? Well, it’s the HTML code that is focused on describing the elements. Things like “itemscope” and “itemtype” sends direct “schema markup” to Google’s spiders and lists you higher. This may be tough to do on your own, but don’t worry. You can always utilize a plugin, such as “Schema Creator” and let the heavy duty work of SEO get done by a plugin, automatically.

Create More Content With The Same Keyword

Some people think that keyword density is the true measure of content design. That’s not the truth at all. When you look into keyword research, start creating content marketing that focuses on each word in separate articles. Don’t stuff too many keywords into one or two updates. Instead, create 10 or 20 content updates with the same keyword in mind, and then explain things at length. In depth content will pay off down the line, and will show that you’re an authority in the subject matter that you’re promoting. This will not pay off immediately, but in time, you’re going to be impressed how it works for SEO as a whole.

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